As power generation demands grow across North America, we’re committed to having a modern, efficient and reliable energy grid to deliver our electricity long distances.


In order to continuously strengthen our energy grid, NextEra Energy Transmission is pursuing opportunities to develop, build and operate new transmission facilities throughout the country.

Lone Star Transmission

Lone Star Transmission, LLC (Lone Star), a rate-regulated transmission service provider in Texas and an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of NextEra Energy, owns and operates approximately 330 miles of high-voltage transmission lines and other associated facilities.

Building large-scale electric system infrastructure does not happen without careful planning and project management. To achieve the buildout of the Lone Star line, our team worked with more than 650 landowners and strung transmission lines in 100-degree heat. Lone Star's transmission lines are part of a transmission grid improvement program that added approximately 2,300 miles of 345-kilovolt (kV) lines to deliver power from Competitive Renewable Energy Zones (CREZ) in west Texas and the Texas panhandle to the Dallas/Fort Worth area and other population centers of the state.

Of note: Lone Star brought these lines online on time and under budget, and was the first Texas utility to use spun concrete monopole technology on a large scale for double-circuit 345-kV lines in Texas.

New Hampshire Transmission

New Hampshire Transmission, LLC (NHT) is an independent owner of regulated transmission in New England. NHT is the majority owner of the Seabrook substation, a 345-kV facility located in Seabrook, New Hampshire, which interconnects our Seabrook Station nuclear plant to the grid as well as interconnecting three critical 345-kV transmission lines in the New England system. As a New England transmission owner, NHT also participates in regional reliability planning studies, as well as looks for further opportunities for transmission development in the region. NHT is a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Transmission.

NextEra Energy Transmission West

NextEra Energy Transmission West, LLC (NEET West), formed in 2014 as a wholly owned subsidiary of NextEra Energy Transmission, LLC (NEET), was created to own transmission assets in the California Independent System Operator region as a portfolio.

To date, NEET West has been awarded the right to develop, finance, construct, own and operate two substation projects in California. The awards were the result of a competitive transmission solicitation process conducted by the California Independent System Operator Corporation, whereby NEET West was the first non-incumbent winner of a competitive transmission project in California.

Suncrest Dynamic Reactive Support Project

Located near San Diego, the Suncrest Dynamic Reactive Support Project will provide voltage support and will improve the integration of renewables into Southern California. The project will include a Static Volt Ampere Reactive Compensator and a short 230-kV transmission line.

Ontario East-West Tie line

NextBridge Transmission is the designated developer of the Ontario East-West Tie line, which will be an approximately 250-mile, 230-kV transmission line between Thunder Bay and Wawa and will connect to the bulk transmission system in Northern Ontario to improve reliability.